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How often and when are signals sent?

It depends on market volatility but average we send between 7-10 signals per 24 hour period Monday to Friday.

How easy is it to trade Enigma Signals?

Enigma signals are simple to trade, all information is provided in one instant message with an order number for you to track the profit or loss of each trade in percentage in point (PIP) You simply input the data found in the instant message into your trading terminal. 

How are signals sent?

Our signals are sent via the Telegram app & via email. Our signals are fully automated and are sent directly from our trading terminals. All signals come with pending order price, stop loss, take profit, and an order number for you to track the profit or loss of each signal.

What support do you provide?

We provide instant support via WhatsApp 5 days a week between 9am to 6pm GMT, additionally, you can call or send us an email and we will reply within 24 hours

Why should I use Enigma signals?

Our signals are derived and created by experts and suitability qualified individuals. We provide factual information, and don't welcome “get rich quick” style approach to trading. Our signals should be seen as a market indication and trading aid and not to be taken as advice.

Do I need to be an experienced trader to use Enigma Signals?

Our signals should be seen as a market indication and trading aid and not to be taken as advice. Wherefore we suggest all customers have at least six months prior trading experience and have passed a professional trading course from an accredited Trading Academy.

What strategies do you use?

Our algorithms & strategies are highly confidential but in general we use Technical and fundamental analysis through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tool. Our systems uses various risk management tools, one of which is sentiment analysis which aggregates and updates within milliseconds based on machine learning. Our risk parameters change based on fundamental and technical price movements

Can I see a performance report on Enigma Signals?

Yes, you can. We provide analytic tools available on request via independent third party providers for complete transparency, unlike any other provider! This demonstrates our willingness to provide our customers with complete transparency in who we aim to build trust and create long-term relationships with. 

How can I make payment?

You can make payment via bank transfer or by credit or debit card online.

Can I become an affiliate?

We suitability vet all our affiliates, and only work with affiliates who have at least 2+ years work experience within a regulated financial institution. We do not work with any websites or individual to make misleading statements, or who have a “get rich quick” style approach

Do you offer white label partnerships?

We only provide white label partnerships with regulated or accredited financial institutions

Is your system proprietary?

Yes our systems is fully proprietary which has taken months to create. We continue daily to ensure our systems are maintained perform consistently, we have full time staff sighting and monitoring our algorithms

Can Enigma Signals work with any broker?

The short answer is yes. However, broker performance varies significantly depending on their regulation, spreads and reputation. We recommend trading with brokers we use, which ensures we can monitor the brokers performance, and assist you with broker related queries.